3.22 - Planning Our 2018 Western Hunt Step 2 - Pick a State


In Part 2 of our series of podcasts explororing the process of putting in for Elk Tags the kids present facts on state options and we vote on which state in which to apply for a tag in the 2018 season.

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205 - #GetLighterGetHigher

Tristan and Lane talk to the girls about lessons learned on the fellas' rookie year chasing elk in Colorado.

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201 - Mountain Menu

Episode 1 of Season 2 for the podcast, was recorded on opening day for Texas Dove - so of course we talk about Elk Hunting! We play with some elk calls but mostly discuss what we're going to be eating in the mountains of Colorado at the end of the month. We also talk about an injustice suffered by some of our military veterans (during a veterans benefit held by the good folks at Central Texas Bowhunter) at the hands of a con artist named Bruce Durr.


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Central  Texas Bowhunter

Primos Calls

Carlton's Calls

DIY Dehydrated Chili